Why I voted for Barack Obama

Sent this recently to my family to encourage them to vote for Obama.


First, I hope you’re all voting on Tuesday for Barack Obama and I hope you’re telling your friends to do the same.

If you/your friends are voting for John McCain, you should try to avoid long lines of Obama supporters by going to vote on Wednesday 🙂

Seriously, I’m concerned about this election. Our country is in bad shape. Bad shape of historic proportions – the crash we just had in our stock market is proportional to 1929 and the next couple years are likely to hurt (though hopefully not as bad as the G. Depression). To top it off, I just read this pretty F-ing disappointing view of racism in St. Charles/St. Peters

If anyone should be voting for Barack, it’s the working class folks in towns like St. Chuck and St. Pete!
See what the leader of the AFL-CIO said a few months back:

The lives of the wealthy have gone pretty well under this last president – he didn’t ask for a penny when we went to war; in fact he gave all of us a tax break and told us to go shopping as patriots. How well did things go for those working class folks in St. Chuck & Pete? How about the ones who are losing their homes?

Plain and simple, big companies (like mine) are the ones who benefited from Bush and will continue to benefit from McCain. Republicans say this trickles down to everyone because the rich hire more people and spend their tax savings… it’s BS. Rich people get rich by saving their money better and spending it more efficiently – not raining dollar bills down on the middle class like some kind of rap video.

Barack is going to cut taxes for those making under $200K (try this out), while McCain is going to leave them alone.
Barack is going to raise taxes on individuals and companies that make over $250K, McCain is going to leave the individuals alone and cut the corporate tax rate more.
It’s no wonder then that my company has sent weekly emails for the past 8 weeks to ~100,000 US employees encouraging us to vote for McCain’s policies [edit:these are my views, I removed some content; if you want to see the messages visit the public site: pgvotes.com].

I’m voting for Obama because I don’t think it’s right that the top 1% of this country prospered while we fueled a war with a soaring deficit and the blood of our middle and lower class (I’m sure Kayte can tell us what percentage of her fellow soldiers were rich kids vs. kids from modest/poor backgrounds).

I’m voting for Obama because I want my child to grow up in a country that is finally done w/ racism – where “minority” becomes defined as someone who spout ideologies like “I’m not voting for a black man”.

I’m voting for Obama because I define “pro-life” as protecting the sanctity of all life. Despite supporting a woman’s right to choose the outcome of her pregnancy, Barack will end a war thats killing people and support health care for those who aren’t fortunate enough to get it from their employer/buy it themselves – those alone have the potential to improve/save more lives each year than abortion ends. He’ll also support safe sex education which is proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies – thereby reducing the number of candidates for abortion. McCain won’t elect judges to overturn Roe v. Wade anyway (he’s wasn’t against it until 2006) so we might as well try to fix the other issues that affect life in this country.

I’m voting for Obama because he will support major infrastructure & alternative energy projects that will fuel our economy, enrich the middle class, and reduce our dependence on energy from unstable regions of the world. These projects will be an alternative to welfare – you don’t need to hand out money when you can offer people training and a real job. These are projects that are sorely needed; even going back to Clinton and before, we haven’t made major investments in our country’s infrastructure.

I’m voting for Obama because he’ll bring back justice into our tax system where those who receive the most from our economy are asked to give the most back to fuel further growth.

If you know someone not voting for Obama because they narrowly interpret “pro-life” as “abortion must be illegal” ask them to consider “pro-life” as including all life like those of our poor & sick, our soldiers, our environment, and even those of the Afghani’s and Iraqi’s. If that doesn’t work, fine we disagree, but it’s an acceptable disagreement.

If you know someone not voting for Obama because Sarah Palin is calling him a socialist; ask them to consider that the $840Billion bailout for our banks is socialism at it’s best. Our government just intervened in the free-market. Sarah and John didn’t think that was too socialist. The claim that Barack is socialist is based on his idea that the middle class needs a break right now. When you consider that the rich mostly get rich off the middle class (either as their employees or their customers) it makes sense to give them a break now. I know that my company [edit:removed some content] will do better if there is more money in the hands of the middle class so they can buy things like the good shampoo, toilet paper, or detergent vs. the bargain brands.

If you know someone not voting for Obama because Sarah Palin called him a Muslim or a Terrorist; it’s not true. He’s Christian like all of us, but it shouldn’t matter if he were Muslim anyway. And those claims of “ties to terrorist Bill Ayers” are completely ridiculous – read the truth. When I hear comments like that I call people out on it. I just think of what I’d say/do if someone said something like in front of my kid who will certainly look different. We can’t let intolerance like that go un-opposed.

Grandpa & Grandma Z,
I hope you smack some sense into your neighbors with two votes for Obama!


PS if that didn’t work; consider that I will be asking my company to move my family to Canada or Australia if McCain is elected – you want to see my baby in the next 4 years? Elect Obama. 🙂


2 Responses to “Why I voted for Barack Obama”

  1. Hi Andy,

    I enjoyed reading your blog entry. You make a good point about protecting life everywhere. What I can’t understand is how many of the “pro-life” politicians can support a war that kills the most innocent people of all – civilians. Through August 2008, there have been an estimated 642,000 CIVILIANS killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since the US-led coalition attacked in 2001. That’s not very supportive of life.

  2. Amit,
    Thanks for the comment! Not sure if you were reading my site back then, but I wrote about the traditional pro-life approach about 2 years ago in this post. One thing that gives me hope about the “pro-life” movement in the Catholic church are leaders taking a stronger position on respecting all Life (that’s was echoed at my church this past weekend) and articles like this: http://www.commonwealmagazine.org/article.php3?id_article=2355.

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