Celebrating a Great Woman

Today we said goodbye to the physical presence of a great woman.  Sarita’s maternal grandmother, Alfreda M. Capobres, entered the afterlife today.  Living to 97 years old, we have little doubt she’s now looking down on her wonderful family from heaven.

I personally had the chance to visit with Grandma C on several occasions, all of them after a stroke that had affected her memory but certainly not her strength.  During one visit Sarita and I told her we would be getting married.  Grandma C squeezed my hand tightly and in the same sentence both invited me into her family with a trip to her home in the Philippines and warned me about what would happen should I ever hurt her grand-daughter.

Sarita and I took solace in the fact that such a strong woman is now looking over us from her new phase of life.  Grandma C will be witness to Maya’s childhood and we will honor Grandma by passing on the strength she instilled in her sons and daughters and they in turn have passed on to their children.

On our most recent trip to California in October, we visited Grandma to show her that Sarita was carrying her fifth great-grandchild.  She guessed that Baby Z was a boy and suggested we name him “Rudy” – also the name of her oldest son.  We laughed and promised to put the name on the list.  Regardless of the gender, she advised us to love that baby with all our hearts.  We certainly do love Maya with all our heart, and we know Grandma will smile upon her for the rest of her life.

Grandma C tries to feel whether Sarita is carrying a boy or girl
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2 Responses to “Celebrating a Great Woman”

  1. I have fond memories of Grandma as well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Don Capobres Says:

    What a great picture. I am sure great grandma is watching over Maya. It was a very nice service and her resting place is very peaceful. Happy New Year Andy, Sarita and Baby Maya!

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