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Tardy posts

Posted in Cincinnati, Family on April 19, 2010 by andyzilch

well 12 months and 3 posts isn’t that great a record.  The last year has been pretty hectic.  Sarita took 12 months off work, I took 2.  We built a house in Montgomery.  We moved.  Now we’re selling our amazing house in Hyde Park.  We’re really going to miss it.  That location, just a 5 minute walk from the square is really unbeatable and we’ll cherish memories of the walks with Maya when she was just born.  If you know anyone, the place is great – there is no other home on the market in Hyde Park with the same combination of location, level of finish (nearly 100% of the home has been remodeled and all new mechanics), and 2 car garage.

Our new home is amazing.  In fact, many of the things we liked about our Hyde Park place went into the design of our new home and the choice of location.  We’re still walking distance from a downtown; Montgomery’s Heritage District.  We really did our homework when selecting our builder  John Hueber Homes.  I can’t say enough positive things about the people there, the quality of work they do, and the professional way they handled our project.  We’ve heard some horror stories from friends building with other custom home builders, but we really hit the jackpot with JHH.

We’re still in the process of finishing the house because we started out just going for a simple LEED Certified rating of the home, but when we finished we were closer to Silver than Certified so we’re updating our landscaping plans with the help of Marvin’s Organic Gardens to get us more points in water efficiency and materials & resources.

Hopefully more to come now that things are settling down a bit more. I know I have many thoughts about the building process, my plans to get involved in Montgomery, and many ideas I got about my career when I spent some time away from work.


Need help, Cincinnati Time Warner subscribers!

Posted in Cincinnati, Family, Friends on February 12, 2009 by andyzilch

Time Warner Cincinnati is hosting a Cutest Baby contest and Maya wants your help to win and she asked me to appeal to you personally.


In January I submitted the five photos below which will be turned into an on Demand video on the local channel 1111. Between February 14 and March 31, the baby with the most views will win a prize (you need at least 100 views to even be considered).

If you’re a TW digital subscriber in Cincinnati, please watch Maya’s video over and over and over!

DSC_3780 DSC_4077 DSC_3996
DSC_4068 DSC_4442

Andy Zilch,

Thank you for submitting the pictures of your baby for our Local on Demand Cutest Baby Contest!

Viewing of these videos on Local on Demand channel 1111 will be between February 14 and March 31. Remember, you’ll receive one vote each time someone watches your baby’s video during that time. The baby video with the highest number of votes will be awarded. Prizes will also be awarded for second, third, fourth & fifth place vote totals.

Want to give your baby an edge? Talk to your friends, neighbors and relatives – especially relatives! Anyone who has Time Warner Cable digital cable! Beginning February 14, tell them to tune to Local on Demand Channel 1111 and look in the category: Cutest Baby. Vote early! Vote often!

And while you’re on Channel 1111, check out some of the other interesting videos available.

Out last night

Posted in Cincinnati on March 30, 2008 by andyzilch

Volunteered last night at the Fountain Day celebration on Fountain Square. We served plenty of beverages despite the brisk weather and I talked to officer Chris Thomas, a cool police officer who kept an eye on our booth. Lighting the Tyler-Davidson Fountain was really cool, I caught a few pics in progress.

unlit Tyler-Davidson Fountain lit Tyler-Davidson Fountain lit and flowing Tyler-Davidson Fountain

Thanks to our friend Suzanne for getting us in touch w/ the volunteer opportunity.

Giving Thanks

Posted in Cincinnati, Family, Friends on November 22, 2007 by andyzilch

CIMG2983While our Thanksgiving holiday didn’t turn out as we had planned, Sarita and I were quite thankful for such a wonderful year: our families are all healthy (well Mom & Dad S came down with the flu, but that will pass), we celebrated our first anniversary, we completed projects on our house, we celebrated weddings with friends, …, the list goes on. And now we add to the list that we cooked a great backup Thanksgiving meal.

When Mom and Dad S. said they were sick we understood it might be better to let them rest than to make a trip to Detroit and disrupt their recovery; after all they have a cruise in a couple weeks. We had declined an invite to our friends’ Thanksgiving dinner earlier, but one quick call and we were back on the guest list. Our job was to bring potatoes and pie. This morning though our friends called to say they too had the flu, brought to them from out of town guests. hmmm…. there seems to be a pattern here.

Luckily though we had a bag of stuffing in the cupboard and chicken and cranberries in the freezer. Together we whipped up a fabulous meal and had Thanksgiving dinner in our pajamas. Not a bad year at all.

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who might read this post!

Thunderstorms Are The Best

Posted in Cincinnati on October 18, 2007 by andyzilch

I got some spectacular photos of lightening tonight. I’m about to turn off the computer and unplug it (in case that lightening gets a little too close) but take a look at these photos. It took about 40-50 shots to get some good ones; you just have to press the shutter release and hope something happens in the next couple seconds.


Tornado sirens going off now… time to be smart and get in the basement

Getting some press now…

Posted in Cincinnati on August 21, 2007 by andyzilch

The Enquirer has reported on the story I wrote about on July 23 in which I commented that the Mairose Grocery store in Hyde Park was finally demolished to make room for a parking lot: Church plans anger Hyde Park neighbors. I’m surprised at the reaction other neighbors had about the demolition; on the few days the building was being removed, I was looking for neighbors to relate my frustration about not being told what was happening and no one was around.

Mairose Bros Grocery is reduced to rubble on Monday July 23rd.

I suppose though now that the building has been removed there is no point getting in the way of a nice looking, very well landscaped parking lot being built — hint, hint St. Mary’s.

R.I.P. Mairose Bros Grocery

Posted in Cincinnati on July 23, 2007 by andyzilch

Well Mairose (Hyde Park, Cincinnati) is finally kaput. When we left for work today the building was standing, a solid neighbor for many years. Today we came home to find bricks, bent steel, and splintered wood. Goodbye Mairose.

Our church, St. Mary’s in the background, will build a new parking lot and attractive landscaping for the Suburbans, Escalades, and Navigators that shuttle kids to and from school each day. The street does open up quite a bit with the building, which was very close to the curb, no longer there.

Mairose Bros Grocery is reduced to rubble on Monday July 23rd.