Can't stop thinking about this

I just can’t stop thinking about how sad I am to have my neighbor leaving (see my previous post). I can’t even imagine what the street will be like without Mairose around. I wish there was some way to prevent this.

This ruined my day

Uggh, what awful news: The Enquirer – Mairose Grocery will close.  Just as books like The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Fast Food Nation have piqued my interest in learning where my meat is coming from and searching out quality meat, the grocer two doors down from me closes!!!  What a freakin’ shame.  Do I really have to become a vegetarian until I can find a place that isn’t putting anti-biotics, hormones, and worse in my meat?

Anyone know where to get locally, humanely raised and processed meat in Cincinnati?  Please leave a comment!

Put that in your Palm Pilot

Last night we spent the evening w/ our friends Amit and Hemi.  We had dinner and played some games (the best game of all is pictured below… Guitar Hero!).  Two quick funny stories:

  1. We watched a video of our friend Surya’s audition video for the Apprentice 6.  In the video Surya mentions that his definition of success has been the same for the last 15-20 years.  So we realized that at most he is my age, 26, so his definition of success (“you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you’ve done”) was formed while crapping his own pants.  Surya, love ya buddy, but you’re full of crap on that one (hey if you’re friends can’t keep your ego in check, who will?).
  2. When starting up Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition, Amit asked if we’d played the game before and indeed we had.  On the DVD that comes with the game, you can select from one of about 16 preset series of questions, so the DVD case gives you spaces to write down the dates of when you last played that specific series of questions.  Since we’ve only played the game twice before last night, I knew the exact date we’d played the game with Amit.  Hemi couldn’t remember playing the game, so Amit pulled out his Palm Pilot which had a record for the night we played (March 11, 2006) and said something along the lines of “Hemi was in Chicago, Amit, Andy, Sarita, Chuck, Karen, Mohit, and Manisha played the game, guys won, all had a good night, went home and watched Wedding Crashers”… well so we divide guys vs. girls last night too and when the girls won (chocolate brassier – seriously, who pulls that answer out of their butt), Hemi shouted the trash talk, “Put that in your Palm Pilot!” at the boys.


Amit and Hemi playing the best game ever... Guitar Hero