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Our Anniversary Present Arrives

Posted in Random Thoughts on September 29, 2007 by andyzilch

We received our anniversary present to each other today. Fedex came a little early so we almost had a mishap with the house alarm. This is Umbrella Trees by Donald Craghead from Carmel, CA.

Umbrella Trees by Don Craghead, on Flickr Umbrella Trees by Don Craghead
With Flash Without Flash

Highway One Thoughts

Posted in Random Thoughts, Travel on September 12, 2007 by andyzilch

Each bend of the road more beautiful than the last; breathe not at all if you dare take in the view.

You’ll see when I post the pictures.


Posted in Random Thoughts on September 5, 2007 by andyzilch

This video is quite compelling; the discipline needed to take a photo of yourself every day for 6 years is incredible. I think the only thing I can say for sure that I’ve done for 6 years straight is put on underwear every day. I think anything else could have skipped a day here or there.


Heard on NPR recently

Posted in Friends, Random Thoughts on September 1, 2007 by andyzilch

On one of the recent NPR All Songs Considered podcasts, I recently heard Flight of the Concords. They are a band from New Zealand who make some funny songs. A friend shared this one on YouTube with me today and I thought it worth posting. Enjoy.

The recording volume is a bit low so you might need to turn your speakers up.

Crashing the party

Posted in Random Thoughts on July 25, 2007 by andyzilch

This morning when the shuttle pulled into work, this site is what we saw:

BMW from across the street now parked in mail room

A car from the dealership across the street rolled out of its service bay and crashed into the mail room of our office. Thank goodness it was very early in the morning and no one was yet in the mail room.

BMW from across the street now parked in mail room


Posted in Random Thoughts, Travel on June 29, 2007 by andyzilch

Well my trip is now at an end I’m sitting on the upper deck of the 767 that will take me home. My trip was incredibly productive as I learned more about how products move from raw material to finished goods for sale and everything in between. The systems that support this flow are facinatingly complex. The map virtually every physical movement and financial transaction. The amount of data collected is enormous, allowing visibility into huge supply chains that would normally require a real life visit and tour of the chain. The whole thing is so complex because each business can do the same thing in a slightly different way; that’s what makes designing the systems so interesting.

What I learned is that I like working with these systems that map physical and financial processes. It’s a skill that lends itself well to acquisitions and divestitures work, so I think I’m going to inquire into that area next. Talk about an ever-changing job, working with new businesses all they time and learning the ins and outs.

Sydney was not too bad in the winter. On the coldest day of my trip a medium weight jacket was enough to stay warm. And the beer is great; 5.5% alcohol and quite tasty.

Time to go we’re pulling away from the gate. Next post will be in the US.

Helicopter Parents

Posted in Random Thoughts on May 27, 2007 by andyzilch

In the most recent issue of my Cornell Alumni Magazine, an article about Helicopter parents not detaching from their children even during university years.  This reminds me of a recent discussion Sarita and I had at dinner with a friend of ours who is a teacher.  She recounts tales of parents checking students grades online (yes, parents can now view their son’s/daughter’s grades online shortly after they enter the grade book) and calling immediately to question our friend’s determination of a grade.  I remember students in my class whom I thought had overbearing parents, but nothing like this; mostly I saw the behavior when it came time to find apartments for the following school year.
The glimmer of hope is that the University, instead of sticking its head in the sand and hoping the parents go away, is examining a role for a parent liaison to help learn together the right relationship between parent, child, and child’s life.