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Changes around here

Posted in Techy Stuff on August 6, 2007 by andyzilch

I’m upgrading versions of the software, WordPress and Gallery2, that run our site so don’t be surprised if you see some changes around here.



Posted in Random Thoughts, Techy Stuff on May 25, 2007 by andyzilch

Those annoying commercials where the daughter speaks to her mom in txt speak (OMG – Oh My Gosh) are stuck in my head, but that’s immediately what I thought when I saw this:


Guitar Hero Rocks the 80’s! Sign me up!

Adding Sense

Posted in Random Thoughts, Techy Stuff on May 21, 2007 by andyzilch

You may notice from time to time some Google advertisements now appearing on the site. This is not an indication that Sarita and I are poor and need the $0.25 cents that a click on the ad returns, it’s merely a test for me to see what kind of ads appear within the content on this site. The Google Adsense program is quite ingenius, web-site owners essentially lease their space for Google to place contextually relevent ads on the site. There are literally millions of websites with these ads so then Google can sell words like “Pet Food” or “Blue State” to advertisers who wish to find people interested in pet food or democratic states and offer them products or services or just plain information based upon those words.

Example: On frequently I frequently talk about new products that Sarita and I purchase (for instance my Logitech Harmony Remote). Google seeing those words might decide would be a good place to place an ad for electronics. Logitech may be looking for places besides its own website to advertise a new version of the Logitech Harmony Remote. Google then facilitates the sale of advertising space for Logitech on my website; though I don’t ever really need to think about who/what is being advertised (Google does not allow adult or obscene type of advertising, but even if they did my content isn’t about adult or obscene things the ads wouldn’t show up, so I’m generally comfortable that unwanted ads won’t be displayed on the site).

Pretty Cool huh?

Cool hack

Posted in Techy Stuff on January 31, 2007 by andyzilch

While looking for a more recent version of the navigation DVD for our 2006 Civic Hybrid w/ DVD Navigation, I found a website that shows ways to update the opening image for the Civic which normally looks like this:

Factory Honda DVD Navigation Boot Screen

to this:

My new DVD Navigation boot screen

The website with the instructions had 2 errors which were easily correctable. In step 2 of the section on changing the splash screen, at one point in the instructions the link to is incorrect. The real link should be: instead of Also,
while that same step of the instructions contains text stating you should enter the command “bysin 06AVN2.bin extract Opening.bmp“, the image of the author actually doing that command (and the actual command that needs to be entered) “bysin 06AVN2.bin extract Opening1.bmp“.

Other than that, the instructions were dead on, and I was able to follow the procedure very well. The final product looks like:

CIMG1298 CIMG1301

I'm now in Total Control

Posted in Techy Stuff on January 25, 2007 by andyzilch

My new Logitech Harmony 676 remote control came in the mail today. I ordered it 2 days ago from Amazon and it was a breeze to set up. I got hung up with one setting, but I called Logitech’s customer service and it got the problem fixed in no time. Now I can control my TV, Cable Box/DVR, DVD Player, and Playstation 2 all from the same remote.

What’s best is that it has “activities” that allows me to press a single button to turn on the TV and DVR, and set the TV to the right video input to watch Cable/DVR. The remote then configures itself with a combination of TV and Cable/DVR buttons so I can control the channels and DVR functions on the cable box while still controlling the picture and volume on the TV.

With the press of another button, the Cable/DVR is turned off, the DVD player turned on, and the TV video input switched to watch a DVD.

Cool huh?

The second best part is that the settings are established through my computer (thank goodness Logitech has both Mac and PC setup program) so I can add new devices, change buttons, and even restore the settings (if for some reason they were lost) all by syncing through a USB cable.

The remote was $89.99, but well worth it when you consider I only need one remote now (not to mention Time Warner “rents” my cable/DVR remote for ~$1/mo, and I go through 6 batteries a year on TV/DVD/Cable remotes).

I mentioned I had a great customer service experience. I was so impressed that I decided to write a letter to the CEO of Logitech about the experience.

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