Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Balloon that Sarita and I rode in this past weekend.While home in St. Lou we took a ride in a hot air balloon. It was an incredible experience. We’d been told that the ride would not be bumpy, that we wouldn’t get airsick, and that we wouldn’t experience any vertigo-like feelings while off the ground… that was all true!

It was amazing how smooth and peaceful the ride was. The only noise was that of our voices, the burners firing (that’s what you hear in the beginning of my highlights video), and the dogs barking (apparently dogs think the balloon is a very large cat or car at which they should bark).

See the rest of the photos from the balloon ride in our photo gallery.


Gasoline ÷ Hybrid = Just a sip please

Normally those fuel economy gauges estimate on the high side, but this one was not.  We filled up for gas in St. Louis before going to my mom’s house.  The trip odometer read 453.5 miles (we’d had about 75 miles driving around Cincinnati before we left for St. Lou) and the fuel gauge had 3 bars left (out of I’d say 14 or 15 bars) empty. 

I was shocked when the fuel pump stopped at 9 gallons, so I gave it an extra squeeze thinking it shut off prematurely.  Alas it was not the pump which was mistaken, it was I.  We needed 9.201 gallons to fill the tank.

453.5 miles ÷ 9.201 gallons = 49.29 miles per gallon

That…. is…. AWESOME

cross country in the new car

The has mileage just keeps getting better in the new civic hybrid. We are currently rolling at 43.1 mpg. It ha slowly been creeping up since we left Cincy and I won’t be surprised if it gets higher before I finish this post.

We’ve taken to calling the color of our new 2006 Civic Hybrid “bluver” for the blue and silver appearance it has in different lighting conditions.

…and we are now at 43.6mpg.