On a whim I decided to let my facial hair grow out. It started as just a gag for Halloween, but became such a time saver not shaving each morning. Eventually I’ve needed to groom the beard and so I picked up a Braun shaver and some beard care kit:

It’s a little early to comment on the beard oil – when I use it my beard hair does feel somewhat softer, but I don’t yet notice any long term impact. The Braun Shaver is awesome. It has many length settings so I’m able to dial in how close i want the trim and I’ve been able to blend the sideburns a bit. The entire thing can be run under the faucet to clean off the loose hair.


I’m using this method called “Total Immersion” a friend from home swore by it and I tried it; so far it’s slowing down my stroke, letting me focus on better more efficient body position.  The eBook is available from my local library. I’ve found the writing to be pretty redundant – alot of story telling to repeat the exact same point which seems common in many of the training books written by athletic coaches.  I would recommend reading the eBook for free, don’t focus too much on his exercises, then buy the “newer DVD” to watch the exercises. This method is really changing my swimming and it is so much easier to see in the DVD what the book does a poor job at describing in words and illustrations.

  • Book: Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way To Swim Better, Faster, and Easier
  • Companion DVD: Freestyle: Made Easy << I don’t have this: I think this is the one meant to follow the book exactly
  • Newer DVD: Total Immersion Swimming: Perpetual Motion Freestyle in Ten Lessons << This is what I have; it doesn’t follow the book exactly. I bought this version by accident.  This is actually what I’m using to train.  I wrote down the lesson titles as I watched to make a drill sheet for myself, I keep them on a post it note on the back of my phone and I put it at the end of my lane propped against a water bottle (e.g. 1.1 Superman Glide; 1.2 Laser Led Rotation;… and so on.  I do 100 yards on each of those drills up to drill 2.4; I haven’t yet watched part 3 so I’m really just learning very basic body position).


My Bike Setup

This is my essential bike kit: