Thunderstorms Are The Best

I got some spectacular photos of lightening tonight. I’m about to turn off the computer and unplug it (in case that lightening gets a little too close) but take a look at these photos. It took about 40-50 shots to get some good ones; you just have to press the shutter release and hope something happens in the next couple seconds.


Tornado sirens going off now… time to be smart and get in the basement

Crashing the party

This morning when the shuttle pulled into work, this site is what we saw:

BMW from across the street now parked in mail room

A car from the dealership across the street rolled out of its service bay and crashed into the mail room of our office. Thank goodness it was very early in the morning and no one was yet in the mail room.

BMW from across the street now parked in mail room

R.I.P. Mairose Bros Grocery

Well Mairose (Hyde Park, Cincinnati) is finally kaput. When we left for work today the building was standing, a solid neighbor for many years. Today we came home to find bricks, bent steel, and splintered wood. Goodbye Mairose.

Our church, St. Mary’s in the background, will build a new parking lot and attractive landscaping for the Suburbans, Escalades, and Navigators that shuttle kids to and from school each day. The street does open up quite a bit with the building, which was very close to the curb, no longer there.

Mairose Bros Grocery is reduced to rubble on Monday July 23rd.

DIY Work Bench

I built a work bench today by improvising some plans based upon the combination of this bench and this one from DIY network. The first bench plan was the basis for my plan, I shortened the length a bit, but then seeing the bench on DIY network’s site, I decided the high back would be nice. I’ve yet to add the peg board, but that will be second round. The whole thing used six 8′ 2×4’s, about 2/3 of a 4×8 sheet of 1/2″ MDF and 1/4″ sanded pine (the MDF is the base for the top and shelf, the pine gives it a nice look).

DIY Work Bench

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