What it’s like

Posted in Family on January 16, 2009 by andyzilch

So alot of my friends are asking me “so how’s it going, dad?” and “what’s fatherhood like?” This is how I often describe it:

Amazing. Totally amazing. Though so totally exhausting. Even on good days a baby is alot of work; on bad days, when she’s fussy and grumpy, she’s alot of work plus it’s like having the most painful noise in the world playing through headphones that are sewn into your ears.

The best way I can describe it is to imagine the most precious thing you’ve ever had in your life (for me before family I would say that was like my car – which I equate to freedom – or my camera – which is kind of how I tell my stories). Now imagine that you can never let that thing leave your site. In fact, you can never take your hand off that thing. At first you don’t care cause it’s novel and you’re still figuring out how it works so there are constantly new challenges. But eventually you want to put it down and eat or shower or go to the movies.
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So much for Lullabies

Posted in Family on December 31, 2008 by andyzilch

This is how we do it.  Happy New Year!

Prior to our dance, Maya was listening to a lullaby CD and fussing like crazy.  I noticed when I popped my iPod onto our stereo (which was on some dance track) that she kind of came to attention… so then we started dancing and by the end of the first song it was like her eyelids were made of lead.  We’ll experiment with other songs an see what music works best.

Amber – This is Your Night – YES
Danni Minogue – Put the Needle On It – YES
BodyRockers – I Like the Way – YES
Gnarls Barkley – Crazy – NO

Celebrating a Great Woman

Posted in Family on December 22, 2008 by andyzilch

Today we said goodbye to the physical presence of a great woman.  Sarita’s maternal grandmother, Alfreda M. Capobres, entered the afterlife today.  Living to 97 years old, we have little doubt she’s now looking down on her wonderful family from heaven.

I personally had the chance to visit with Grandma C on several occasions, all of them after a stroke that had affected her memory but certainly not her strength.  During one visit Sarita and I told her we would be getting married.  Grandma C squeezed my hand tightly and in the same sentence both invited me into her family with a trip to her home in the Philippines and warned me about what would happen should I ever hurt her grand-daughter.

Sarita and I took solace in the fact that such a strong woman is now looking over us from her new phase of life.  Grandma C will be witness to Maya’s childhood and we will honor Grandma by passing on the strength she instilled in her sons and daughters and they in turn have passed on to their children.

On our most recent trip to California in October, we visited Grandma to show her that Sarita was carrying her fifth great-grandchild.  She guessed that Baby Z was a boy and suggested we name him “Rudy” – also the name of her oldest son.  We laughed and promised to put the name on the list.  Regardless of the gender, she advised us to love that baby with all our hearts.  We certainly do love Maya with all our heart, and we know Grandma will smile upon her for the rest of her life.

Grandma C tries to feel whether Sarita is carrying a boy or girl
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Welcome to the world, our precious Maya Rose

Posted in Family on December 20, 2008 by andyzilch

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What a whirlwind past couple days. I’ve written as much as I can remember down on a notepad so I can hopefully fill this post in after the fact.  It all started at 6:40A on 13-Dec, when Sarita called me into the bathroom because she thought her water had broke

Maya lays asleep on my chest in the dark as I type out this post on my phone. My arms barely can hold the phone, but I desperately want to record these memories as I already, 36 hours in the making, feel them fading.

In retrospect there is actually a funnier start to the whole thing. First, my mom’s new husband Roy, a pilot, religiously follows the weather reports and mentioned that the moon was full on Friday night. My parents had come to visit Cincinnati to help with some last minute chores and pick up some furniture. We’d heard that full moons tend to start more pregnancies (no idea if anything scientific to that). Second, in the middle of the night I woke up and tried to hand Sarita a full glass of water. I’d sworn she called out to me “water please!… Water please.” She later in the morning told me she was having a dream about her water breaking.

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Where Do We Start?

Posted in Politics on November 5, 2008 by andyzilch

Barack's Victory Tweet

What a great night and how great that Barack once again called for a new level of service from the country in his acceptance speech. Sarita and I talked afterward – we could barely sleep last night – and we’re both looking forward to that opportunity. It’s inspiring to have elected a president who promises to ask sacrifice of all of us. Lately our country has been a little lopsided there – asking our military and military families to sacrifice while the rest of us are told to go shopping with a $1500 tax rebate. That’s truly shameful, but it’s going to change soon.

I’ve heard only a few ignorant comments at work today (regarding tax policy or speculating about riots had the election gone the other way), and I’m hopeful that after some of the pain wears off from such a long election cycle we’re able to unite in the spirit of service we so desparately have lacked. After all, that united sacrifice is how this country was born; what greater way to be a citizen and patriot is there?

Politics in the Blood

Posted in Family, Politics on October 31, 2008 by andyzilch

Wow, so I set off a great dialogue in my family with that last email. It turns out one of my cousins who happens to be an attorney in St. Louis will be working as a credentialed poll observer making sure that no voter is disenfranchised; St. Louis and Jefferson County have a history of running out of ballots apparently. I also have an Aunt in Minnesota who will be working the phones for Obama on Election day.

Best of all though, I found out back in the day my Grandparents not only campaigned for candidates they cared about and acted as election judges, but also drove people to the polls who otherwise would not have been able to have their votes count.

What a proud history that carries on to the present!

Why I voted for Barack Obama

Posted in Family, Politics on October 31, 2008 by andyzilch

Sent this recently to my family to encourage them to vote for Obama.


First, I hope you’re all voting on Tuesday for Barack Obama and I hope you’re telling your friends to do the same.

If you/your friends are voting for John McCain, you should try to avoid long lines of Obama supporters by going to vote on Wednesday 🙂

Seriously, I’m concerned about this election. Our country is in bad shape. Bad shape of historic proportions – the crash we just had in our stock market is proportional to 1929 and the next couple years are likely to hurt (though hopefully not as bad as the G. Depression). To top it off, I just read this pretty F-ing disappointing view of racism in St. Charles/St. Peters

If anyone should be voting for Barack, it’s the working class folks in towns like St. Chuck and St. Pete!
See what the leader of the AFL-CIO said a few months back:

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